The cheese dairy

The Damse Cheese Dairy is a traditional producer of organic cheese. The cheese dairy was created in 1989 on an ancient farm in Damme in the polders surrounding Bruges. To valorize excess milk the farmer started with the production of cheese. In 1992 the cheese dairy moved to a new location in Sijsele.

Driven by a relentless interest our knowledge
was sharpened and our manufacturing process sophisticated. For years, the Damme Kaasmakerij is specialised in cheeses with surface maturation. This allows us to deliver a wide range of products tailored to the customer.

We only work on the basis of organic milk. The milk comes from BioMelk Vlaanderen cvba, a cooperative of family and organic dairy farms. The natural diet of the cows, rich in clover, results in the cheese having a high content of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The organic quality of the cheese is guaranteed by Integra bvba, a recognized independent audit organization.

The Damse Kaasmakerij aims for cooperation in the long term with its suppliers and customers.